Its tuesday morning I’m going to bed, damn

Becoming distant from people just sucks, don’t ever do it. Once you realize it’s happening that’s that, and it fucking blows. There hasn’t been a single time in my life where I’ve been able to fix it once I noticed things weren’t the same as they once were. Whether it’s platonic or something more, it’s always the same. Cherish the people you have while you still have them, because chances are good it won’t be for long.

The always sunny christmas episode gets pretty dark for a sec


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2001: A Space Odyssey by Nathan Anderson.

let’s say you and i go toe-to-toe on bird law and see who comes out the victor


  • A: Age.
  • B: Where I'm from.
  • C: Where I would like to live.
  • D: Favourite food.
  • E: Religion.
  • F: Sexual orientation.
  • G: Single/taken.
  • H: Favourite book.
  • I: Eye colour.
  • J: Favourite movie.
  • K: Favourite TV show.
  • L: Favourite band/singer.
  • M: Random fact about me.
  • N: Favorite day of the year.
  • O: Favourite colour.
  • P: If I have any pets; if so, their names.
  • Q: What I'm listening to right now.
  • R: Last movie I've watched.
  • S: What's my ringtone.
  • T: Favourite male character from a TV show.
  • U: Favourite female character from a TV show.
  • V: What my name means.
  • W: Favourite superhero.
  • X: Celebrity crush.
  • Y: My birthday.
  • Z: Ever self-harmed?

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yeah hello lets talk

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No, friendship is NOT about “supporting your friends even when you know they’re wrong.”

That’s not friendship. That’s being an enabler. That’s being an accomplice.

Friendship is loving someone enough to tell them to stop being a goddamn idiot before they ruin their lives.

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